Monday, July 09, 2007

Hypnotherapy To Attract Money

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Can hypnosis or hypnotherapy help you to attract wealth and money?

Everybody dreams. Some romantic folks dream of love, ambitious ones some dream of accumulating wealth and money while others dream of success. However, very few people learn how to turn dreams into reality.

Why can’t most people turn dreams into realities? One of the many reasons for this inability to make your dream come true is something called the Playpen Syndrome. The Playpen syndrome is like a restrictive bureaucracy. People who want to avoid being bothered by ambition, new ideas, creativity or progress propagate this syndrome. This is because the Playpen syndrome stifles individual creativity and prevents the achievement of lofty goals such as attracting health, money and prosperity which are rightly yours. You know something? Hypnotherapy can actually help you to discard the playpen syndrome mentality and can help to turn your dreams into reality.

Attract your desires

The law of attraction states that you can attract anything that you desire. However, the playpen syndrome can obstruct the things which you want to attract from materializing.

The Playpen Syndrome begins when children learn from parents, teachers, or other figures of authority that they will only be loved only if they do what they are told. Of course, most parents and teachers don't intentionally create this attitude. With young impressionable minds, children get the idea that they will be only be loved as long as they don't cause any problems.

This attitude then stifles creativity and sends a message to the subconscious mind that keeping the status quo is the same as being loved and should be the goal of their life. Thus they do not learn to explore, take small risks or find solutions to the challenges. The message is reinforced into their as they grow up.

They participate in activities without any real motivation to excel in whatever they do and do things just because they had to be done. Then as adult, they just want to work in an environment that will secure their job, with benefits, regardless of their skill level or the quality of their work. All their lives they are taken cared of by someone else, and never take the initiative to take control of their lives and make their dreams come true.

With such secured attitude, many would not dream big and worse, do not even believe that they can attract whatever they want, including health, love, money and wealth.

Hypnotherapy, can help anyone develop the tools they need to achieve their dreams, and find freedom from the Playpen Syndrome. When you are free from the syndrome, your mind will be free from self imposed limiting believes and this is where positive believes can be implanted into the mind replacing the limiting believes through affirmations and creative visualizations. Then will you attract the things that you desire such as money and wealth.

Click image below to master the science of The Law of Attraction with hypnotherapy and turn your dream into reality. You can manifest money right now.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Make Money Program-Affiliate Marketing

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Making easy money over the internet

We have discussed various make money programs if previous articles. One easy making money method is through affiliate marketing.

How to make money online with affiliate marketing

Why is affiliate marketing an easy way to make money over the internet? This is because all you need to have is a website or a blog to go into affiliate marketing and blogs are free to create.

So armed with your websites, you will need to search for affiliate program merchants. You will then market their products by driving visitors to your site and having the visitors buy your merchant’s products. Your affiliate merchants will then pay you a commission sometimes as much as 60% of the sales you bring to them. In other words, there is no cost, no inventory and no risk on your part. Your job is to simply work from home by attracting visitors to your websites or blogs. I will give you a link at the end of this article to find products to sell and for you to make money over the internet.

If you want to see an example of a money making affiliate program website, you can visit one of my sites which is an affiliate program for singing and music courses here.

Sounds like making easy money online isn’t it? Yes, can be easy but there is work to be done. Let me debunk some myths in affiliate marketing which many people wrongly believe them to be true.

Affiliate marketing myths

Firstly, most folks think that managing an online business is easy. They think that one can make a lot of money online instantly. This is not true. Probably not even 10% of affiliate marketers make a fortune overnight. However I must emphasize that there are savvy ones who make a lot of money online selling other people’s products.

To be fabulously successful in affiliate marketing takes some time. A lot of website promotional work needs to be done but it well worth it. I know because I have been along this path.

If you are planning to start an affiliate marketing program, one of the things you need to think about is to create your own website or blog. Don’t just create ordinary website but a professional looking one so that you will look more credible to the online shoppers.

Next, you must decide a theme or niche for your website, just like this one which is about money and wealth. The next thing to do is to choose a domain name and get it hosted. The domain name is a unique name used to label the actual address of your website on the Internet.

In deciding what domain name to register, look into the type of products you are intending to market and the theme of your site. Having the right keywords in your domain name will give you a much better chance of attracting more visitors to your website and having the search engines to know what your site is all about and rank you higher in the search engines when visitors search with your keywords.

Then you must create contents on your sites. Search engines like Google or Yahoo loves contents just like how I am writing articles here. The more pages you have, the more people are able to locate your site online when they do a search.

The key to attract many online visitors to your website is to have high quality content because if your contents are good and updated regularly, your visitors will return again and again to look for more information that they are interested in and then maybe click on your advertisements and buy your affiliate program products.

Having good quality contents is precisely the reason why web surfers are attracted your site. They want to get information and so when they don't find the information that they are looking for, they would definitely leave your site and probably never return again. So do write interesting and helpful articles related to your theme as this would attract them to frequent your site.

Also, do create pages for the products you are promoting, but don't just promote the products by putting hyped-up ads. Keep your readers interested by injecting lots of relevant and useful information.

This would make them click the links your affiliate merchants sites and buy the products thus you can make more money online. Remember that no good content means no frequent visitors, no sales and ultimately, no commission.

Make sure you don't place too many banner ads because internet surfers have ad blindness. Instead create links to your merchants wrapped around in words.

Now the next thing to do is to get high ranking on the search engines. There are a lot of information on on the internet on how this can be done. So are you going to start a money making program with affiliate marketing. If you have experienced affiliate marketing before, I will like to welcome your coments here.

At the begining of this make money program article, I promised to provide you a link to find products and merchants for your affiliate marketing project. Well here it is. Click here to view products and affiliate marketing programs.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Money Making Idea

Money making ideaMoney making idea image

Will your money making idea work?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about “The Secret Of Attraction” both online and in print media. What exactly is the secret of attraction? Well, in a nutshell, it meant that you are able to attract anything, including wealth, money making ideas, health and your other desires.

Now let’s say you have an inspiration, a money making idea is germinating in your head, what are the thoughts that follow your idea? Do you think things like "I don’t think that the idea can work" or "I have no time to follow up with the idea" or "I don’t have the money to invest in this plan". If your thinking is along these lines, then you can be sure that your money making idea will not work because you don’t even allow it to get started. So even if that idea have the potential of making money for you, you will not be able to attract the money.

Think money get money

Now the law of attraction states that you can what you think. It is estimated that 40 to 60 thousand thoughts run through our minds everyday. Some of them positive but many are negative thoughts. The stronger of the thoughts especially those with emotions attached will turn into reality. You are what you are and where your are today because of what you thought before.

Think back to your first holiday vacation or your honeymoon with your beloved. You went for that vacation because you think that you would like to go to say, Hawaii and what happened? You were there didn’t you? It all started from a mere thought.

Want another example? Remember when you graduated with your college degree? What were your thoughts that led you to your graduation? You were constantly thinking of graduating and self talk yourself to put in more effort when studying didn’t you? Then what happened? You made things happen and you get your degree. Simple as that.

Now, let us reverse the thoughts. If at that point in time, you were to say earning money is difficult so we should not splurge of a vacation, then you wouldn’t have that holiday vacation right? Same goes for your college degree. If you self talk to yourself that your classmates are smarter than you, no point studying so hard since you probably won’t get a pass grade, you would probably be a college dropout wouldn’t you?

Similarly, when you have a money making idea, don’t just reject it out of convenience. Think of the idea positively and then you will naturally discover ways to make the idea work or finances to invest in your idea. Nature will just fill in those gaps naturally. Yes, you can attract anything you want, including money. Just don’t make the attraction into rejection with negative self talk and thoughts.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Make Easy Money At Home

Make money for vacationmake easy money vacation image

Make easy money at home online

We have discussed in past articles one of the easiest way to make easy money at home is through the internet. You can make money online even if you have no product of your own. Click this link to read previous postings on how to make money over the internet.

Make Money from home by blogging

One of the ways to make money online is to blog. Just like what I am doing in this blog. I do not have any product of my own to sell on this blog and yet I am making money here by hosting advertisements and selling other people’s product here.

Now, in order for people to come to your blog and then to click on your advertisements or buy a product, your blog must be found like how you found this blog. One of the best way for your blog to be found is through the search engines because every day, there are millions if not billions of searches done on the internet. What is more, if your site can be found on the internet, then you are getting visitors and potential customers to your site/blog for free.

The problem is there are billions of websites and blogs out there and people normally don’t go beyond the third page the search engine results. In other words, if your site or blog do not make it to the first 2 pages of any search results, it will probably not be found and your dream of making easy money at home dashed unless you cough out money and advertise your site.

How did you find this blog though? You probably typed in some words on the subject matter you are searching for and the search egine deliver this blog in their first or second page search result isn’t it? The words you used for the search may also be on millions of sites, so why did this create attract money blog comes appear on the front pages beating so many other blogs and sites?

Well, there are hundreds of things search engines take into account when ranking you so it will be too simplistic for me to explain in just one online blog posting. If you go to the internet and type in “search engine optimization” or “SEO”, you will find many articles and books that can teach you how to get top rankings in search engines.

So you want to find easy ways to make money at home? Then learn how to get top rankings for your blog and once you are able to do it, duplicate the action and create more blogs and soon, you will be making money even when you are on vacation holidays skiing in some winter resorts or cruising to Hawaii.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Making Easy Money

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Can I make easy money?

Is it true that you can make easy money by simply attracting wealth and money to you? Well, many attract wealth gurus seem to think so and they are rich. So they must be doing something right don’t they?

Wallace Wattles wrote in his book, The Science of Getting Rich that there is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science just like mathematics. There are certain laws which govern the process of attracting money, wealth and riches and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty. If you have not read the book, click this link to get a free copy Science of Making Easy Money by Wallace Wattles. I changed the title a bit just to conform to the title of this posting.

Other great inspiration writers like Napoleon Hill, Vincent Norman Peale and many others said almost similar things although in different ways. A recent movie, The Secret interviewed many successful people revealed that one can attract anything, including making easy money and amassing wealth. This is called the law of attractions and quantum physic science seems to find more and more evidence supporting this theory.

People who make easy money and create wealth know that it comes about by application of simple rules and principles. Those who don't accumulate wealth and riches don't know about these rules. So if you want to know what Anthony Robbins said about these rules so that you can make money for that scuba diving or winter skiing vacation you have been thing of, read on.

Why people are not making easy money - Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins listed down 12 specific reasons why people are not making easy money and are not wealthy. They are as follows with some editing:-

· Most people never decide and define, very specifically, what wealth means for them. The keyword here is specifically. Let me ask you, can you build a car or an airplane without making specifications (specifically) and drawings (define)? You have to know what your target is before you go after it or else you will be running in circles, isn’t it?

· Most people make wealth a moving target instead of a fixated one. Once you have a target, fix it and focus on it. Don't change it until you reach your target. You must accomplish each step, celebrate and give thanks and then set new and loftier target and go for it.

· You only achieve what you believe. No more, no less. So you must believe that you can attract wealth and make easy money. Set goals that will make you move forward and stretch, but not too high that even you yourself don't believe that you can achieve the goals. Start off with smaller goals which you can believe in. Once you have achieved them, then set bigger goals as your self confidence and believe grows.

Most people never start. People say that knowledge is power. Rubbish! What is the use of knowledge when you don’t make use of it? Applied knowledge is power! So you now know that you are able to make easy money, and then apply that knowledge. There are some articles in this blog that shows you how to start making easy money online for free. So take action. If you keep thinking about it forever, it will forever remain in your mind and nothing is going to happen.

Making easy money article to be continued in the next posting. Watch out for it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Make Easy Money Affiliate Program

Making easy moneymake easy money image

Make easy money fast

We have discussed in previous postings why and how you can make easy money over the internet by participating in affiliate programs. In case you do not know what internet affiliate programs are, it is simply this. You promote other merchant’s products on your website or your blog and if any visitors who are visiting your sites buy something from the merchants you featured, you are paid a commission.

Making easy money in the internet

Why are affiliate programs considered to be a method of making easy money? Firstly, many affiliate programs pay you as much as 50% of their sale. Let’s just say the product is worth $100, the merchant pays you $50 for every sale.

If you make 4 sales a day, you make $200 a day. Just imagine if you have 10 internet websites and blogs each making you $200 a day, you will have 10 multiple streams of passive income.

Of course, you can only start make easy money over the internet if there are people coming to your sites and buy your merchant’s product. There are many ways to do that, but that is for another postings. In the mean time you may want to check out this link to find merchants who wants you to be their affiliates :-

Earn Commission For Life - clixGalore Affiliate Referrals !!

Before you jumped into any affiliate marketing program, there are some things you need to be aware of.

How to select money making products and merchants?

a) Find a money making affiliate program that you like and have an interest in. If you are interested in the product, then it will be easy for you to write reviews on the product enthusiastically. If you like the product, then there must be people like you who will want and like the product.

b) Find a program that offers products superior quality. So that your customers, overtime will trust you and will buy from your recommendations when you introduce other products. Repeat orders means making easy money without lifting a finger.

c) Find affiliate programs cater to an expanding target market. This will ensure that your internet business will always be expanding.

d) A program with a payment plan that pays out a residual income with a rate of 30% or more. You will put in the same effort whether you are marketing products that pays you 10% or 50%. Why settle for peanuts unless the low paying product sells like hotcakes. You want to start making easy money don’t you?

e) If an affiliate merchant requires you to pay them a fee to be their merchant, forget it! There are thousands, if not millions of free affiliate programs out there such as those you will find in this link :-

Earn Commission For Life - clixGalore Affiliate Referrals !!

f) Find affiliate merchants who have a lot of kit and resources to help your marketing effort.

g) Do check if the affiliate program has a system that enables you to monitor your compensation and sales.

There you are. If done correctly, affiliate program is certainly one of the easiest ways to make easy money in the internet and when you do, you can even make money auto-pilot even if when you are on your holiday vacation.

Possible To Make Easy Money Online?

Make money onlinemake money internet image

Benefits of making money online

We have discussed about how to make easy money online. The two easiest ways to do so is through affiliate marketing and Google adsense. However, there are many scams on the internet you should be aware of. But first let us dwell on why you may wish to make easy money online and fire your boss like what I am doing right now and then we will identify what are the probable internet scams you will encounter when you try to make money over the internet.

You probably think that being able to get paid while you work from home is ideal. Sure it is because of the many benefits like:-

a) You can get up from anytime you want need not set your alarm clock early to get ready to go to work.

b) You can be your own boss with almost no overhead cost if you want to.

c) You can work in whatever clothes you want to, even naked if you want to as you are in the privacy of your own home. No more suits and ties or struggling with painful high heels and crisp leather shoes.

d) Wave goodbye to rush hour traffic jams. Can you imagine how much time and money you can save over your life time and if the time is put into your online business, how much more money you can make in the internet.

e) You get paid according to your effort and not at the mercy of your temperamental boss.

f) You can have a lot of quality time with your loved ones as you can choose as and when to work and when your internet business takes off, you may not need to work for the rest of your life if you choose to because there will be people c licking on your Google ads or buying products from your merchants. Your will then be making easy money online because this is a passive multiple streams of income.

Bearing all of these in mind, it is obvious that working from home is the ideal solution for people who want to be able to spend more time at home with their family and still make money without the hassles and risks of traditional businesses.

What to watch out for when making money in the internet

Yes, there are millions of business opportunities on the internet. However, there are just as many online scams to cheat your money. Making money in the internet does carry some risks. Just like in any businesses, there are those who are successful and those who fail. However, if you know how to get your site found and well ranked by the search engines, then making money online is easy. By then, you can go off to your dream vacation and still be making money while cruising to Hawaii, skiing in New Zealand, taking your family to Disney World or go for that plastic cosmetic surgery you have been reading about.

Here are some pointers to sift out the shady internet companies:-

a) No genuine and respectable work from home internet company will ever ask you for a payment before they provide you with work. With this, in mind, you will be able to sift out pyramid selling and dubious Ponci schemes.

b) If you require training for the job then you should expect to be paid while you are learning need not have to pay for the costs. This is because internet merchants offering you the courses will want you to make money for them and in the learning period, you will already be selling on the internet and on top of that, they have no overhead costs when teaching you to make money online.

c) Be extremely skeptical about websites that offer get-rich-quick schemes. You may well be able to make a lot of money via the Internet but there is work involved. It will not happen overnight. Having a work from home internet business may sound idyllic, but you still need to invest time and effort to be able to make it a genuine success.

Do not be lulled into thinking that you can afford to be lazy and devote little time to your work. You can do that only when your internet business take flight with a life of its own. So is it possible to make easy to make money online? Yes, it is, if you put in the hard work first and enjoy the benefits of your labor once your internet business takes on a life of its own.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Manifest Money For Dream Vacation Holidays

Vacation holiday cruisevacation-holiday-cruise

How to manifest money for my vacation holidays?

Everyone will probably have a dream vacation holiday. What is your idea of a vacation holiday? A cruise to Hawaii, visit Disneyland with your family, travel to a ski resort in New Zealand or just scuba diving in Bali and Bahamas? Why must it just be a dream?

Well, did I hear you say that taking vacation holidays to exotic destination is expensive and you just can’t afford it? What if I can tell you that you can manifest money so that you can go on your dream vacation holiday? What’s more, it is easy to accumulate and manifest the money. Do you believe me?

Create Money For Vacation Holidays

Ok, here goes. There is no secret at all. First close your eyes and visualize the vacation holiday of your choice. Imagine that you are already there. For example, if you want to go on a Caribbean cruise, create a mental picture of you already aboard The Royal Caribbean cruse ship, standing on the deck enjoying the ocean view and the gentle breeze on your hair.

Then make a commitment by repeating “I am cruising the Caribbean sea” a number of times. Repeat the statement a number of times and say it with emotion and feeling, the same emotion that you will feel when you are on board the cruise ship.

Now, what you have done is positive affirmation and visualization. I won’t get into explaining what affirmation and visualizations are and how they work here. So let’s get on with the manifesting money part.

The next step is to take out a box, then label the box with the vacation holiday of your choice. Put the box in a very prominent place in your room or your desk at work. Now, open up your wallet. How much money have you got there?

It is your choice. You can put $50 or $10 in the box. Whatever amount that is affordable to you. Then repeat your affirmation and visualization everyday. One week later, put in another $50 or $10, the same amount you put into the box last week. Do this consistently and very soon, you would have manifest enough money for your dream vacation holiday.

Simple isn’t it? You may say, hey, this is merely saving money for the holiday. I don’t use the word save because people associate savings with pain. Many people are brain programed to think that they have no money to save. So to get around the negative thoughts, this will stop you from getting enough money, I use the word manifest money instead of saving money.

Then what has affirmation and visualization got to do with manifestation of the money? Well, it will take me another article to explain that. So to put it short and succinct here, it is about getting you focused and motivated on your objective and that is to manifest money for your dream holiday vacation. Go on, just do it and start planning for your holiday online.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is Your Blog Making Money Now?

Making money nowmake money online image

Create Money Making Blogs

We have discussed how to make money over the internet now by blogging. Some of you would follow the suggestions and pasted Google adsense ads on your blogs since Google pays you a handsome commission for every click on the ads from your blog or websites. As an example,you can see some of the Google ads at top of this page. If you have not done so, take a look at the right sidebar of this blog. Do you see a money filled treasure chest? Below the treasure chest is the Adsense link for you to sign up Google’s money making program now.

Are you making money now?

For those of you who have done so, the next question to ask yourself is “are you making money in the internet now?” If the answer is no, then ask yourself why? The most probable answer would be that your blog or website has very few visitors and on top of that, the meager visitors that you have are not clicking on your ads. I will post a series of articles soon on how to get an avalanche of free search engines visitors to your blog and how to have your visitors to click your ads so that you can make money online now. This online internet education will be very useful for your money making blogs.

Get links to make money now
However, I am going to touch on a very important tip here. You see, search engines like links. The more websites and blogs linking to you, the better you will rank in the search engines. 80% of visitors to any websites and delivered from search engines. In other words, the higher you rank on the search engines, the more likely people will find you.

It must be made clear that all links are not equal. Links count for more are links from relevant sites. That means if your website is about scuba diving, getting links from another site about online universities will get you nowhere.

However, if your site is about easy weight loss, then links from other lose weight sites will put you in better standing in the eyes of the search engines. If the site that is linking to you has been around for sometime and can be found on the front pages of search engines, they are authoritative sites and having these sites linked to you will power your way up the search engines.

This will be when you will get tons of free visitors to your website or blog and since they are searching with keywords that is relevant to your sites, they will also very likely click on your ads because Google is also placing relevant ads on your site. So when your visitors are happily clicking on your ads, you are busy making money over the internet. Sounds great doesn’t it?

So, how can I get people linking to me fast? One of the best methods for getting relevant links is by submitting your articles, such as like this one to article directories. These directories will then host your article with a small resource box containing some information about your site and your link in it. If the article directory is an authoratative site and your article is situated in a relevant category, then you will have a great link to boost your search engine ranking.

On top of that, other bloggers and webmasters may take your articles and publish them on their own sites again with your resource box links intact. So if your articles are submitted to numerous directories and hundreds of bloggers and webmaster also publish your article, then your will suddenly have hundreds of relevant links with just one article.

The only problem is that submitting to article directories can be a very tedious affair, especially so if you have many blogs and websites like I have. So I have circumvented this problem by using article marketers to submit to hundreds if not thousands of directories for money making blogs.

A word of warning, never never use services that promise that they can get you links or submit your link, not your articles to thousands of search engines and directories. These submission services and hurt your search engine ranking and may even get you banned. They are just out to get your money fast. So you will need to search for a reliable article submitter. I use articlemarketer dot com to do this service for a number of years and they have been doing a good job. You can check them out at this link - Article Marketer The Powerful Service That Submits Your Articles To 30,000 Publishers!

So if you want your blog to start making money over the internet now, start submitting articles now!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Visualization To Attract Money

Affirming visualizationaffirmation visualization image

Attract wealth with visualization

Before we discuss using visualization to attract money, read the last posting on how to use affirmation to attract wealth. This is because the combined power of using visualization and affirmation will attract whatever you desire more quickly.

Remember the time when you bought your first house or car. Before you owned them, you barely had enough money to pay for them. What did you do? You think about owning the house and the car. You daydreamed about them as if you have already owned them right? You picture yourself doing things in the house as if it was already your home and zipping around town in the car didn’t you?

What happened next? The somehow the house and the car became yours. The universe move in such a way and make things come together arising out of your thought. Whether you have a windfall or saved enough money to get that dream car and house, you now owned them. That is because you visualized your thoughts in such a way subconsciously and positively that your mere thought becomes a reality. This, my friend is the power of positive affirmation and visualization.

Attract Money Visualization

Positive visualization is the ability to use your imagination to see images in your mind and make them come true. If we add concentration and feelings to the visualization, it becomes a great power that makes things happen. Visualization when used correctly can bring great changes into your life.

Some people use this power in an unconscious manner in their everyday affairs. For example, the rich and successful people will unconsciously imagine the successful outcome of their projects and businesses and that outcome consistently were materialized. They are not aware that they are using some sort of power. They visualize their goals in a positive way and attain success. Now you can also use the power of visualization and affirmation to attract money.

How does visualization work?
Your thought is a power in itself and has its effect on the material world. Your thoughts, if powerful enough radiates energy into the universe. If we keep thinking the same thought, people and the environment perceive it and act on it usually in an unconscious manner to finally make that thought a reality. In this instance, it is thus attracting money to flow to you.

If you are naturally positive person, then the way you will approach and handle situations that will attract positive results. On the other hand, if you are a negative person, then you can expect negative results because your thoughts will always dwell on the negatives.

This is clearly evidenced in that why the wealthy gets wealthier and the poor gets poorer. This is because the poor always think that it is difficult for them to be rich, so they do and act on things that will not attract money or make them rich and bring them wealth. Whereas the rich will often thing about much much money their projects are bringing them and thus they attract money and wealth naturally.

There are many other reasons why affirmations and visualization works but this is not relevant to this posting because the subject matter is how to use visualization to attract money and not the philosophy behind it. If you want to know more about creative visualization, you can go online and serach for them in the internet.

So if you want to own a bigger and up market home, then relive the experience of visualizing that home and affirming that it is already yours and it will materialize.

Similarly, if you want to attract money and wealth, start visualizing. A word of caution though, what goes around comes around. This is the law of attraction. So if you visualize something that may harm people, your outcome may backfire. So the desire of your visualization must always be positive and peaceful.

Visualization techniques can also be used for whatever you desire such as getting better university education, losing weight or going for your dream holiday vacation. Go on, visualise yourself attracting money and wealth positively.

Friday, March 23, 2007

How To Use Affirmation To Attract Money

Attract moneyattract wealth affirmation image

Affirmation money and wealth

If you are a fan of personal development and have attended lectures and seminars of great success coaches and personal development such as Brian Tracy or Anthony Robbins, you would heard them extolling the power of using positive affirmation to attract money, wealth, health or whatever you desire. Since this blog is about attracting wealth and money, then the question to as is how to use affirmation to attract money.

To some people, to use affirmations and visualization to attract wealth and money is some kind of superstitious mumbo jumbo. However, if you believe in the power of positive affirmation, your life can change.

“It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean.” ---Anthony Robins

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are statements of acceptance that you use to allow the manifestation of your destiny and desire. Affirmations are powerful, positive thoughts and statements sent out by you to the universe.

To practice positive affirmations, you will need to eliminate the negativity in your thoughts and things you say and do. You also must believe that you can have your destiny manifested. It must be a positive, powerful belief with unwavering faith. Positive affirmation together with visualizations, you can create the life of abundance such as attracting money, wealth, health and love.

If your desire is to attract money easily, then your affirmation will be something like: "I attract money easily." Repeat it several times then while believing that you are already attracting money. Start to visualize that money is already flowing to you and that you already have the money that you desire. Feel as though it has already happened. While in this mental state, make yourself open to all the ways and means which will have money flowing into your life.

It is vitally important to the affirmations that you feel is appropriate to you. The affirmations must resonate with you or strike you emotionally. It is also important that the words feel comfortable to you.

Here are some attract money and wealth affirmations. It is better for you to draw up your own affirmations because it will relate with you more and you can feel more for it.

* I am receiving wealth now.
* I have an abundance of whatever I need.
* I now money, all my needs are being met.
* I have unlimited money and wealth .
* I now give and receive freely.
* Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.

Remember, you must believe you your affirmations. Make your affirmations only in the past or present tense. If you make them in future tense, it shows a lack of faith and your affirmation may never materialize. Don’t be impatient and expect to see immediate results, it will take some time for things to get organize and money to flow to you.

Affirmations are futile if they fail to reach you deep enough to touch the limitless powers of your subconscious mind. Now that you know how to use affirmation, use it often if want to attract money, wealth and other positive desires into your life.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Make Easy Money Myth?

Make easy moneyMake easy money image

Easy ways to make money-Is it a myth?

Have you been receiving junk mails with titles like “Make easy money” or “Quick ways to make easy money”? I bet you must have received dozens of these get rich quick junk emails every week isn’t it?

So when you read the title of this article, you will think that I am going to debunk all these get rich quick money making schemes by people who want to get their hands on your money real quickly, right? You have expected me to tear apart this myth that money can be made easily. Well, although many senders of these emails are con and scam artists, I am convinced that money can be made easily and legitimately, especially over the internet.

Easy ways to make money from the web

Why so? Because at this point in writing, I have 15 money making blogs and websites. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you for a single dime or to join any get rich quick scams. I am sharing information that I have learnt and experienced so that more people can learn how to make money. My blogs and websites are my multiple sources of passive incomes. The days of having to work hard to make money are over for those who know how to make easy money over the internet.

Why am I sharing this with the world at large? This is because I believe that the more we give and share, the more we shall receive. Even if this thinking is not true, then it will still make me feel good if people are getting better life because they are making more money.

You see, if you believe that you have to work hard to make money, then your mind will work in that direction and making easy money will forever be a myth for you. If you believe that it is difficult to make money, then you will be sabotaging yourself because you will not find ways to make easy money. You would probably pooh pooh this blog and all the articles. Your closed mindset will not allow you to think of the possibility an dways of making easy money. Therefore you have made easy ways of making money to become a real myth.

For example, if you take a look at the top of this blog, you will see ads by Google. These ads are placed by Google on my blog. So whenever, someone clicks on the ads, Google gave me a commission. So I created multiple blogs on different themes and Google ads will be on all of my blogs. This is what is known as the Google Adsense program.You can do the same and it is free.

I have a health and fitness website, which I sell my ebooks. So whenever someone buy my books, I get paid and I do not need to do anything because those are electronic books. A login ID will appear on the receipt and my customers will click on the ID and download my books on their computers.

Some of my websites and blogs also carry advertisements. Whenever some of my readers buy something from these advertisers, I am paid a commission. This is called affiliate marketing. You can find affiliate advertisers here.

In this way, you can make easy money over the internet by just setting up websites and blogs. However, the trick is to get visitors to visit your websites and blogs and that have them to click on your ads. Your visitors are like shoppers in a shopping mall and your websites and blogs are the shops in the mall. If there are no shoppers coming into your shop, then you will have no business and there goes your dream of making easy money on the web. So how do you can visitors to visit your websites and blogs? Well, that is the part where some work will be involved and that will be for another blog posting on making easy money online.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

How To Attract Wealth And Money Tips

Money and wealthattract money image

Use mind power to attract money and wealth

Of the many personal development books on attracting wealth and money I have read, I found a common theme on the fundamentals of wealth and money attraction. Similarly when you go online over the internet and search on the same subject, the same tips will be found. So what is the fundamental foundation to attract money and wealth? Mind power! It is your thinking and mindset that will set the stage for attracting wealth and money. So in order to attract money and wealth naturally, you must learn specifically how to use mind power to attract wealth and money.

You simply train your mind into believing that you have what you want, and then your life will miraculously change to reflect your belief. The following money making mindset tips may sound like mumbo jumble to you, but they are common refrains from great money making gurus. They constantly repeat these 5 tips to train your mind to attract wealth and riches.

5 tips to attract money and wealth

•Tip 1-Want to be rich, then act like you are rich
You must act and believe you have always wanted is already yours. In this instance, it is wealth and money. So act as if you already have the money you wish to have. Ask yourself, if I was already rich, what I would do, how would I act, how would I feel, and then act, feel and do it.

You can take baby steps to do this. Just start small and with each little success you will build your way to more and more wealth. This is the concept of which great books were written such as “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Science of Attracting Money”.

By doing and acting rich, you are teaching your mind that you are expanding your limitations, and as you practice this you will begin to purchase more of the things you want in your life and the money will come to you to pay for them. Want to be rich, then do this. Don’t ask me how it will come. This is the law of the universe.

•Tip 2 - Be thankful and show gratitude for any money you receive
To attract money and wealth, you must show gratitude for the money which is already in your life. Instead of complaining how little money you have, be grateful that you already have money and will have more and give thanks to God or whatever greater power you believe in.

The next time when you get some money, instead of barely noticing it, take a few moments to give thanks to the universe or God for bringing this money into your wallet or bank account. Every time you receive your paycheck or every time you earned some money do stop and appreciate the fact that money is flowing into your life. By being grateful for money flowing to you, more money and wealth will be attracted to you.

•Tip 3- Find a dime, keep it
In order to attract wealth into your life, your subconscious mind must be open to the idea of wealth flowing to you. You must be open and receptive to money coming to you from any legal source. If you see a dime on the street, and your usual reaction is probably to ignore it. By doing that, you are teaching your subconscious mind that you are not willing to put out effort for money. Your subconscious mind does not make a difference distinguish between a dime or a million dollars. All that your mind registers is how you feel and that thought will be stashed somewhere in your subconscious mind that you do not want money.

This mindset can also come in many other forms such as whenever you do not accept a gift or do not charge someone for work done or charge them way less than you should be or you sell a product for less than it is worth, you are creating the same emotions. So if you want to attract money, you must accept the money and wealth that is rightfully yours including that dime on the street.

•Tip 4 - Be open to money making opportunities
Ask yourself this question. Why it is rich people always have money making opportunities and that you don’t? The answer is that you are simply not looking for opportunities hard enough or when opportunities come along, you are too lazy to take them or are even skeptical.

The difference between rich and poor people is that rich people realize that new opportunities are always all around them. You simply need to keep a look out for the opportunities, keep an open mind, and be prepared to take advantage when the opportunity comes knocking and do open the door when opportunities knock. In this way, you will attract wealth and money naturally.

Someone once said, luck is when opportunity meets preparation. If you want to find money making opportunities in your life then you must be prepared to take advantage of them when they come. By doing so, you will be blessed with more incredible luck than you have ever experienced. Still skeptical? If you are, then you will hardly have any money making opportunities.

•Tip 5 - Do something that makes you feel good
Do something that makes you feel good? I can hear you say that I don’t have to tell you this. Everyone also wants to do things that make them feel good. When you feel good, your energy and mood rises, you will feel optimistic and positive and these attitudes will attract more of the things into your life which make you feel good such as money and wealth.

Now that you know the mindset on how to attract wealth and money, keep these money making mindset tips in your mind and act on them daily. After a few weeks or months, just sit back and watch more wealth and money flowing you. If your life is changed, do comment on this blog so others will not be skeptical and share the wealth attractoin that all of us can have.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Creating Money Making Environment

Make money create wealthCreate wealth money image

How to create money making environment

"Surround yourself with the best of the best and you will produce the results of the best of the best."

If you have been reading personal development books or attended personal development seminars, then this statement is nothing new. So, let us extrapolate on the statement. That will also mean that if your surround yourself with people who are making a lot of money and creating wealth, then you will produce a wealth of making money results isn’t it?

After all, you will be net working with wealthy people and soon you will have the characteristics of a wealthy person not to say businesses coming from this networking. Just think about it, your will power to make money is on only when you turn it on, but environments will stick with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So doesn’t it make sense to say that if you create or are in millionaire environments every second of your life, you will stay as a millionaire or become a millionaire some day, don’t you agree?

Some Make Money Environments To Create

•The Memetic Environment
Your personal beliefs, ideas, knowledge and concepts are examples of what a memetic environment is all about. Although a memetic environment is intangible it is very important because it starts with you believing that you can get what you want in life. So, if you change what you do the end result will change too.

•Networking Environment
You have to be extremely selective in choosing your network. You do know that millionaires network with millionaires, there must be a reason for that don’t you think so? To identify if you are in the right network, pay attention to the topics of your conversations in your network. Do you talk about creating wealth and making more money or idle gossiping?

•Relationships Environment
Your Family, friends, colleagues are your relationship environment. This environment controls your behavior that causes you to think, act and feel in a certain way. As hard as it can be, sometimes you have to let go off some relationships in your life because they are not bringing in closer to your goals in life, such as making more money. Build a powerful and close millionaire relationship with those relations that will always propel you closer to your goals and objectives.

•Financial Environment
Since you have to manage your own money, investments and insurance admit that you are not a financial expert. This is the time when the wealthy hire and surround themselves with financial advisors, experts and mentors. Millionaires have their own wealth team. Do you? You can get Jamie McIntyre Manage Your Financial Wealth free ebook here.

These are just some of the money making environment you have to create and internalize and money will then flow freely to you. Get Wallace Wattles “Science of attracting money and wealth” free ebook here.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Make More Money Over Internet Quickly

Earn more moneymake money internet image

How to make money quickly

We talked about how to make money over internet using Google Adsense and affiliate marketing in the last few postings. Today, let’s discuss how easy you can make more money over the internet using Google Adsense in your blog.

Most people think that internet blogs are personal online diaries. In a sense, they are not wrong as most blogs are of that nature. Those types of blogs are not topic specific and thus will talk on anything that comes to the blogger’s mind. It is because of this reason, the Google Adsense ads that will appear on these sites will also not be specific. This being the case, visitors to these blogs will probably not click on these ads as they probably do not have any interest in them.

How to earn more money over internet

For example, take a look at this blog. It is about attracting money and wealth and the postings are tightly focused on the subject of making money. If you scroll to the top of the page and take a look at the ads by Google, it is all very relevant to the blog’s content. Think of the keywords you typed into your search tool to find this blog. The words which you typed in are probably related to making money or attracting wealth right? In this case, since the Google Adsense ads are of similar subjects, you will be interested in them and may even click through to take a look right?

Therefore, to attract ads that your visitors will click and every click of which Google will pay you a commission, the contents on your websites and blogs must be very tightly focused on a subject matter, just like this make money blog to get relevant Adsense ads. Once you have a high traffic of visitors and a high click thru rate, then you can easily make money over internet.

Want to earn more money quickly?
That being done, let’s go to the next step on how to make more money over the internet quickly. You may realize that you ads are paying you only a miserable few cents per click. There are several reasons for this of which we will discuss in future postings. However, one of the trick to get high paying ads is to optimized your blog or sites with high paying keywords to get high paying adsense ads.

High paying keywords are very competitive words used by the advertisers when they bid for the ads. The higher the bid the more you will earn money from the clicks on those ads. Next question will be, how to know which are high paying keywords? Well, you can do painfully slow research. By doing research, you are probably throwing away money because your site is still getting low paying ads. One way is to buy the keywords from others who have done the research.

A word of caution is needed here. There are scam sites out there selling outdated or rubbish keywords which do not attract the ads that you want. So I took the effort of finding one for you, the same one which I use. Click
Top Paying Keywords.

So if you want to make more money quickly over internet with Google Adsense, create a tightly focused blog and optimize it with
Top Paying Keywords.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Make Money Quickly Online With Search Engine Ranking

Make money quicklymake money quickly online image

Make money quickly online with blogs

Now that you have set up your blog and have gone online. You have signed up with some affiliate programs and have dutifully slapped on some Google Adsense pay per click ads. You sit back smugly thinking how you will be making easy money quickly online with a smile on your face.

A week passed by and then 2 weeks went by. You checked your stats and found out that no one bought anything from your affiliate merchants and worse, not a single soul click on you Google ads. You scratched your head and wondered why? Then you look at your stats again and to your horror, your blog do not even have a single visitor. No visitors means no click and no click means no money. So how can you make money quickly online when you have no visitors to your blog?

Then you decided to type in your URL in the Google search box and gosh, you realized that your blog cannot even be found in the search engines. If your blog cannot be found in the search engines, you will not have free visitors finding you online. Well, there are ways in which you can pay money to bring traffic to your blog but if you can get free targeted visitors from the search engines, why pay good money for it?

Easy ways for your blog to be found online

The number one thing you should do to get your blog found and indexed by the search engines is to get another website or blog to link to you. Search engines find sites and blogs through links. Their site cataloging spiders jump from link to link to find sites and blogs either to update or index them. There is no need for you to submit your blog to search engines. If you rely on merely on submission to search engines, it will take ages for your blog to be indexed.

So ask your friends or kids if they have blogs and if so, ask them to put your link on their blogs. It would be even better if their blogs are of the same topic as yours. Search engines will rank you higher if your links are found on similar themed sites or blogs. If your friend’s blog has already been up for sometime, then it may have a higher ranking on the search engine and if that is the case, by them linking to you, it means that a more authoritative blog is recommending yours and that will put you in good standing with the search engines.

Obviously, the more links from relevant and authoritative blogs and websites you have, the higher you will rank in the search engines. So if you want to make money quickly online from your blog for free, you must quickly get your blog found and ranked high by the search engines. You must be wondering now how you can quickly get plenty of links for free right? We will touch on that in my next make money quickly online from blog posting.

Making Easy Money By Blogging

Make money bloggingmake money Google

How to make easy money over the internet

We learned how easy it is making money from your blog in my last entry. That article was about Google putting adsense advertisements on your blog and every time someone clicks on those ads, Google pays you a commission. However whether you make a lot of money from your blogs or not will depend on many other factors such as attracting traffic and getting Google to put the right and high paying ads there. The question of how to get hight paying ads is solved here for you click:- Top Paying Keywords

Many people still think that blogging is for young bored teenagers with nothing to do. Actually, each blog can be a virtual retail shop and visitors to your blog are potential customers coming into your shop to browse your products and eventually some will buy your products. So if your blog do not have any products to sell or ads for them to click on, you are actually throwing good money away. Just imagine, if you have ten blogs, you actually have a retail chain of ten shops and setting up blogs is free. No monetary investment required at all.

If you missed the article, you can read it here – Easy way to make money from the internet.

Making easy money over the internet

Before you screamed that you do not have any product to sell or your blogs do not have any internet credit card banking account, you know what? You don’t need to have any of these. Surprised? Heard of affiliate marketing?

Affilate marketing is that your site or blog carry advertisements of other merchants in the form of text link or banner ads. When someone clicks on these ads and went on to buy something from the merchant, you get paid a commission. You don’t even have to lift a finger because all transactions will be done by the merchant. Easy isn’t it?

So where do you find merchants advertisements to place on your moneytized blogs? Easy, you just type into your Google search box or any search engine search box the words “Affilate Programs” and you can find many merchants looking to people like you to join their programs. Or this link to find a comprehensive list ofAffiliate merchants.

Now, choosing the right affiliate merchant is very important. You must choose the merchants who sell things that are relevant to your blog. If your blog is about cars, and then you placed advertisements of Personal Trainer Certification, no one will click on your ads because people coming to your blog are only interested in cars and not other things. So you must find car accessories merchants and the like.

Making money from the internet by blogging is easy, but you must be prepared to learn how to get visitors who will click on your advertisements and that will entail some work and internet marketing knowledge. This can be learnt and Adsense guru Joel Comm will show you how to make easy money from the internet here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

How To Make Money Quickly With Blogs

Joel CommMake money quickly guru image

How to earn more money easily by blogging?

Do you own a blog? Better yet, several blogs? If you do, then do you want to know how to make money quickly with blogs? If you already are making money from your blog, do you want to know how you can make more money than what you are making now?

If your answer to the above is a resounding yes, then bookmark this site as I will start a series of entries on easy ways of making money simply by blogging on the internet. Many of you would have heard about Google's Adsense money making program. If you own a blog and are not taking advantage of this program, then it is such a waste as you are throwing away making easy money opportunities.

Some of you may even have tried it, but with poor results. Why? Because it is not as simple as merely placing adsense on your blogs and easy money will come pouring into your back account. However, if you know how to, it can happen.

How to make easy money quickly from your blogs

For the benefit of readers who are unfamiliar with what is adsense all about, the following is a brief description about this money making program.

Adsense is an advertising campaign managed by Google. All you need to do is to cut and paste some codes from Google and Google will put some advertisements on your blog. Every time when someone clicks on the advertisements, Google will pay you a commission. This are called pay-per-click advertisements. The best part of all, it is free to join and you can make money from home without any investments or inventories to sell. That means there is no financial risk at all on your part because starting a blog is free.

If you have been surfing the internet regularly, you will have noticed that many sites and blogs carry the words "Ads by Google" usually at the top of the page and in the form of blue links. Those are adsense ads. So when anyone clicks on those ads, the blog owner gets paid even when he/she is sleeping or on vacations. You know what? Your blogs can do the same and you can earn a steady stream of income from these ads. If you have several blogs, then you will have multiple streams of passive income.

Now the trouble is that most bloggers thought that by just inserting the codes, the easy money will come rolling in. Yes, it is that simple. You can see some money coming in quickly, but it will be merely peanuts. If you want to earn more money out of your adsense blogs, there are more things to do.

These are the questions you should ask yourself if you want to make more money out of your blogs.

a)How to get traffic onto my blog?

b)How to get my blog visitors to click my adsense ads?

c)How to get ads that are paying me more money? Click this link to find
Top Paying Keywords

If you have the answers to these questions and are putting them to use, then you will be making easy money from Google. There are many Adsense millionaires out there, although I can’t count myself as one, yet, as I have only participated in this program a few months ago, I can certainly say that I am making easy money quickly from adsense and my profit is improving every month. Why did my blogs make money so quickly? Because I dared to invest in one book. This book is written by Joel Comm widely recognized as the world’s foremost teacher on maximizing adsense income.

If you have your own blogs and want to quickly make easy money from your blogs, than click this link the take a peek at Joey’s Book “How to make easy money quickly by blogging”.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Easy Ways To Make Money Over The Internet

Make money from homemake money internet image

Is it easy to make money over the internet?

Have you always wanted easy and quick ways to make money from home? The good news is that the internet can give you that opportunity. Better yet, unlike any brick and mortar businesses, if you know how to make money from the internet, there is virtually almost no financial risk on your part.

The bad news is that, let’s face it, most internet work from home businesses are doomed before they can take off. Why? You see, the internet business is just like any other businesses and it takes dedication, perseverance and some knowledge.

So, is it easy to make money over the internet? Yes, it is, if you know how. Many people thought that once they have their websites and blogs set up, they are in business. How wrong they are. That is only the beginning.

Home Internet Business Owner’s Confession

Let me tell you my story. About 3 years ago, I responded to a newspaper advertisement about easy ways to make money online seminar. I book my seat and was listening to speaker after speaker on how they made a fortune over the internet. At the end of the seminar, I was convinced to part with a few thousand dollars to by a few websites, some books and CDs about internet marketing and making money from home.

When the websites went life, I was elated. I started waiting for my first customer. Days went by and then weeks went by. Then I realized that not only I do not have any customers, I hardly even have any visitors to my sites. My websites are virtual ghost towns.

Then I started to do research about website marketing, join some online courses and bought some online marketing tools. Some worked some didn’t. To cut the long story short, it took me another year and plenty of trial and errors to finally see my websites climbing up the search engines and getting hordes and visitors and naturally, my internet businesses are making me plenty of good money working from home. But it was a long process.

At this point I was elated and I thought that since I now know how to get my websites found by thousands of people every day from the search engines, then I can create more successful websites and sell more things. Do you think I was happy? Well in a way, yes. But internet marketing also sapped up a lot of strength and energy. I have to reply to customer’s enquires everyday, send out orders, keep inventory etc Just like any other businesses. Yes, they are happy problems because I am getting businesses while 90 percent of internet businesses aren’t.

This was until I stumbled across this guy’s website. Upon reading his websites, I was reminded that success coaches like Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki always teach about building multiple passive income streams to be wealthy. Yes, my internet businesses can be classified as multiple income and are earning me money which I have never earned before, but they are certainly not passive. There was a lot of work involved.

Now, I got my hand on this guy’s book and he taught me how to make multiple passive income streams without spending a single dime, well, except for the price of the book. He taught me how to do it with blogs. Yes, make money over the internet by blogging.

Within one year, I am now an owner of 15 successful websites and blogs, each bringing me its own income and money without me doing anything if I want to unless I want to improve on them.

Who is this guy? His name is Joel Comm. You may have heard of him because he is perhaps the most sought after guru on easy ways to make money over the internet. See for yourself at his site Easy Ways To Make Money Online and tell me if you agree.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Wealth creation and money management with Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyreJamie McIntyre wealth manager image

Attract wealth thru financial management free ebook

Just who is Jamie McIntyre who is creating such an impact in the world of wealth education and financial money management?

Jamie McIntyre is a co-founder of 21st Century Group of Companies which include 21st Century Academy, 21st Century Accounting and 21st Century Finance. He became a millionaire in his twenties and is now changing people’s life as a 'Success Coach' in wealth creation, not only in his native Australia but all over the world in his speaking engagements, courses, seminars, workshops and books. If you want to change your life and be financially independant, then get Jamie McIntyre free financial freedom ebook here. Yes, it is free with no strings attached.

This young man have traveled the world meeting and learning from some of the greatest financial money management success coaches in the world including Unlimited Power Anthony Robbins, Cashflow Master Robert Kiyosaki, Fortune 500 Consultant Jay Abraham and Unlimited Wealth Paul Zane Piltzer amongst many other greats.

Jamie McIntyre is a much sought after public speaker, author and entrepreneur. He started 21st Century Academy, a wealth creation and money management education organization that provides 21st century wealth building education to Australians and New Zealanders. For his efforts for helping people to attract money, create and manage wealth, he was awarded the Australia Achiever Award. He was also nominated as a Young Australian of The Year a couple of years ago for being responsible for educating 95,000 people through his DVD courses and live seminars.

Financial Literacy and Financial Planning

Jamie McIntyre is a leading advocate for real life education and to include financial literacy and financial planning to be introduced into high schools nationwide. He often stressed that schools are outdated and do not teach real skills to be financially free and that is why most people are poor money managers.

He believes that when these good financial planning and habits subjects are taught in schools, it will provide teenagers the most important skills they will need to excel. He is also an advocate to change the bias practices of the financial planning industry and wants to see financial planners and financial managers to produce real life investment results in their own life before being allowed to advise others in financial wealth management and planning.

Jamie McIntyre is lobbying hard for improvements to superannuation to ensure Australians can have more money for themselves in retirement and is critical of the lack of transparency, competency and accountability of regulatory bodies.

If you want to learn more about who is Jamie McIntyre and be financially literate, then get Jamie’s free 21st century financial wealth money management ebook here and start to create wealth immediately. Yes, it is free.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Kiyosaki Cashflow Game To Financial Freedom

Kiyosaki cashflow gameKiyosaki cashflow image

Kiyosaki Cashflow Financial Independence Game

Robert Kiyosaki, the popular financial freedom coach developed a board game called Cashflow 101. This game teaches you about his famous Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant on how to get out of the rat race and be financially free in a fun way. The Kiyosaki Cashflow 101 is intended to teach players the concepts of clever investments to make money, be good wealth managers and the art of building multiple streams of passive income and to ultimately achieve financial freedom and independence in the shortest possible time.

Each player starts with a score sheet to track his passive income money and expenses something like keeping track of your financial statements in real life. There are 2 tracks to complete in Kiyosaki cashflow 101. Every player will begin with the first track. This is called the rat race track. The players in the first track will face financial worries and problems that occurring in real life. For example, he may lose his job or have to send his child for education or to take a vacation. There is much more financial expenditure that he will have to encounter and overcome. Perhaps this is the reason why this track is called the rat race.

How To Create Multiple streams Of Passive income

On the other hand, players will also encounter several investment opportunities such as in the stock market and real estates investments. The players will then have to pit their skills on these investment opportunities so that the players can invest until his passive income surpasses his expenditures meaning that is cashflow problem is solved. Once that happens, he will be out of the rat race track and move on to the financial freedom track and the game goes on.

Kiyosaki Cashflow 101 game gives the players the opportunities to experience real life financial situations before they actually happened. The game teaches us how to manage our cashflow and sniff out excellent investment opportunities to create multiple streams of passive income and thus financial independence.

This cashflow game shows the players that if they were trapped in the rat race track like most people are, they will always be in debt and just waiting for paycheck after paycheck. If somehow, the paycheck does not come or they are reduced, they will be in dire financial problems. So the best thing to do is to create wealth and get out of the rat race.

The game also educate the players not to be too greedy because wrong and over investment may also lead to substantial losses and send people who are financially free back into the rat race. This is the reason why it is so important to manage your cashflow wealth carefully. If you want a fun and risk free way to learn about creating multiple streams of passive income, make more money and be your own wealth manager to get out of the rat race and achieve financial freedom, then get your hands on Kiyosaki Cashflow board game. This game is indeed a fun way to get an adult financial education.

Get Anthony Robbins free wealth creation audio CDs here.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Why Are You Not Rich?

Kiyosaki cashflow gamekiyosaki cashflow game image

Why am I not rich?

Is your cashflow very tight? You want to be rich but you are not? Do you know what keeps you from attracting wealth?
The answer may surprise you. The obstacle that blocks you from being rich is probably yourself. Before you pooh pooh me away, let me explain.

How many times have you said to yourself "I wish I am richer" or "I hope to be rich one day?" I call that wishful thinking. Why? You are just wishing and hoping. If you read between the lines, you are actually sending negative signals to your brain. You are actually telling yourself that you are not rich and to be rich is only a wish or a hope. This is negative affirmation and visualization.

So what do you do? Well, since it is only a wish and a hope, you will not be doing anything. So if you are not doing anything to be rich, will you be rich?

Next, many people have negative vibes about wealth. That is why terms are coined to associated with rich people such as "he is filthy rich", "he is rich because he probably have done something immoral to acquire his wealth" or "most rich people are jerks anyway."

Let me ask you. Why is being rich filthy? Why can't people amass wealth with their abilities without doing unethical or immoral things? Why do people think rich people are jerks when most of them are often very nice people and doing great services to the society at their own expenses?

Now if associate bad thoughts to being wealthy, then subconsciously, you will disassociate yourself with wealth and again, this will subconsciously sabotage the way you do things to acquire and manage your wealth.

Therefore what separates very wealthy and those who have very tight cashflow is not intelligence, hard work, education, skills, opportunity or luck. The burning issue is about your beliefs and attitude. This is the theme hammered home on many seminars, boot camps and books of world famous wealth coaches and gurus such as Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki (cashlow quadrant).

Millionaire Mindset

So what are the beliefs and attitudes of millionaires?

Millionaires never doubted that they can be rich. They know that they deserve to be rich. They believe that is more than enough wealth to go around and so they do not hoard but contribute to the well being of the society at large. They know creating wealth must be fun and not merely by hard work.

Millionaires know that no one owes them a living, so they do not rant and grumble but roll up their sleeves to acquire what they want. They know that if they desire wealth, they can achieve and attract it and they are always grateful for what they have and what they will have.

Now can you see the difference in the mindset of the millionaires and the ordinary folks? A world of difference in that rich people do not sabotage themselves from getting rich through negative thoughts.

So, chances are that if you are not rich and wealthy then it is because you may have some limiting beliefs about yourself and cashflow money.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Anthony Robbins 5 keys managing wealth and happiness

Anthony RobbinsAnthony Robbins image

Anthony Robbins-5 keys to wealth and happiness

Anthony Robbins laid out a roadmap to wealth and happiness in his Unlimited Power book. He called it the 5 keys to wealth and happiness.

1) Learn how to handle frustration – If you want to become all you can become, do all you can do, hear all you can hear, see all you can see, you have got to learn how to handle frustration. Frustration can change a positive attitude into a negative attitude. A negative attitude towards wealth will kill your attempt of being your own wealth managers.

Anthony Robbins went on to say that don’t sweat the small stuff, remember, they are all small stuff. All successful wealth managers and people learn that success is buried on the other side of frustration. People who fail to achieve their goals usually get stopped by frustration. You can get thought frustration by taking each setback as feedback you can learn from and push on from there.

2) Learn how to handle rejection – What is the difference between making $500,000 and $10,000? The difference is learning how to handle rejection so that it no longer stops you from taking positive action. The best sales people are those that are rejected the most. They are the ones who can take any “no” and use it as a prod to go onto the next “yes”. In the law of probability, a “yes” must come with every “no”, but will you still be there when it comes?

3) Learn how to handle financial pressure – If you are afraid of financial pressure, then have no finance. Phobia of financial pressure will only lead you to be without finances. There are many kinds of financial pressures and they have destroyed many people. Handling financial pressures are what successful wealth managers do, that is knowing how to get, how to give, how to earn and how to save. You can only be successful in your wealth management if you learn these skills.

4) Learn how to handle complacency – You probably have seen various kinds of people such as celebrities and athletes who have reach a level of success and then stop. That is because they start to get comfortable and they lose what got them there in the first place.

What happens when a person gets to comfortable? Chances are that he will stop learning, stop growing, stop creating added values and is on a slippery downward slide. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald, using a fruit analogy once said, “When you are green, you grow, when you ripen, you rot.”

5) Always give more than you expect to receive – Anthony Robbins emphasized that this may be the most important key because it guarantees true happiness. Most people only live a life working to receive. Receiving is not a problem. Every time you give you are planting a seed and from that seed, a giant oak tree will someday grow.

There you are, Anthony Robbins 5 keys to wealth and happiness. Click here to get Anthony Robbins free CD seminars. Get James McIntyre free create and manage wealth ebook here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Don't Need A Degree To Become An Entrepreneur

Woman entrepreneur Anita Roddickentrepreneur anita roddick image

What business schools and MBA Degree programs do not teach entrepreneurs

Everyone in the business world knows entrepreneur Anita Roddick, the founder of the worldwide retail chain Body Shop. How did she build and manage such a big and wealthy business empire without ever going to a business school?

In an interview with The Financial Times, she declared that she never went to a business school but instead went to the “business school of life”. Anita Roddick explained that business schools and MBA programs produce corporate administrators and not entrepreneurs. You can read about why real entrepreneurs don’t do MBAs here.

So here are ten lessons entrepreneurs need to know more than what they teach at business schools and MBA degree programs by Anita Roddick :-

What they do not teach at business schools for entrepreneurs

  • Tell Stories – Anita believes that the central tool for imagining the world differently and sharing that vision, an important characteristic of an entrepreneur, is not accountancy. It is the ability to tell a story. Telling stories emphasizes what makes you and your organization different from the other companies. Business schools teach you how to tow the line.

  • Concentrate on creativity – She feels that it is critical for any entrepreneur to maximize creativity and to build an environment that encourages people to have ideas. Ideas that create and attract wealth. That means that the organization is in an open structure so that accepted thinking can be challenged.

  • An entrepreneur is an opportunistic collector – When entrepreneurs go anywhere, they have their opportunistic antennae up, evaluating how and what they see can relate back to what they are doing and then go on to improve on it.

  • Measure the company according to creativity and fun – Ms Roddick thinks that business schools are obsessed with measurements. Efforts are spent on creating vast departments of number crunchers but with little innovation and progress. What is the most important in a company is unquantifiable.

  • Be different but look safe – If you are different, you will stand out but do not take risks with people who can make the difference between success and failure, especially if you are a woman trying to borrow money from the bank. Anita Roddick was turned down by the bank on her original loan.

  • Be passionate about ideas – Real entrepreneurs create a livelihood from an idea that obsessed them, not necessarily a business but a livelihood. When accumulating money and wealth drives out ideas and the anger behind them, you are no longer an entrepreneur.

  • Feed your sense of outrage – Discontentment and anger drives you to do something about it. This is the greatest motivation to create and get things done to achieve great results.

  • Make the most of the female element – Most companies were created by men for men often influenced by the military model on complicated infrastructural hierarchical lines and are dominated by authoritarian principles that are resistance to changes. So by setting up their own businesses with models that challenge these traditional companies will be welcomed by customers.

  • Have self knowledge – You do not need to know how to do every thing, but you must be honest with yourself to know what you cannot do.

    Until how they can teach these lessons to budding entrepreneurs, business schools and MBA degree programs will remain status quo. Read why Anita Roddick do not attend business schools here.

    Do you agree with Anita Roddick? Post your comments here.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Seven beliefs of wealthy successful people

Tony Robbins in a success seminar
anthony robbins seminar image

7 Belief systems of wealthy and successful people-Anthony Robbins

If you want to be wealthy and successful in life, then just model after them and internalize their belief system. Some called it the millionaire mindset. The world's famous personal success coach Anthony Robbins outlines the seven belief systems of wealthy and successful people.

7 Belief systems of successful and wealthy people

  • Everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves us - All successful or wealthy people have the ability to focus what is possible in a given situation and what possible positive results that can arise from it. No matter how dire the situations and negative feed back they get, they only think of possibilities. They think that everything happens for and reason and it serves them. They believe that every adversity contains the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.

  • There is no such thing as failure. There are only results – Most people have been programmed to fear failure. However, the rich and successful people don’t see failure. They don’t believe in it. The successful people know that if they try something and it does not give them what they want, they have had a learning experience, not failure. They used what they have learned and try something else. They take new actions and get new results and sooner or later, they will succeed.

  • Whatever happens, take responsibilities – Another attribute great achievers and successful people have in common is that they operate from the belief that they create their world and their own destinies. They know that no one owe them a living. They will say, I am responsible and I will take care of it. They do not shirk responsibility. High achievers and successful people believe that no matter what happens, whether good or bad, they created it. If you do not believe you are creating your own world, then you are at the mercy of circumstances. You are then living a life of chance.

  • It is not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything – Successful and wealthy people do not believe they have to know everything about something in order to use it. They know how to use what is essential without being bogged down by details. They get things done and do not procrastinate.

Anita Roddick, founder of worldwide retail chain Body Shop believes in the same principle. Read her 10 lessons to be successful entrepreneurs.

  • People are your greatest resource – Highly successful people have a tremendous sense of respect and appreciation for people. They have a sense of team, a sense of common purpose and unity. They believe that there is no long lasting success without rapport amongst people. They believe that the road to success is to form a successful team to work together. Their success reflects the amazing things that can be achieved when we respect people rather than manipulating people.

  • Work is play – Do you know anyone who has achieved great success and wealth by doing something they hate? The rich and successful people love their work. They do things which they love with a passion. No one can have the passion to succeed by doing something they hate.

  • There is no success without commitment – People who succeed have a belief in the power of commitment. They believe that there will be no great success without commitment. If there is no commitment in whatever you to, then how are you able to work on it until it is successful?

    There you are, Anthony Robbin's seven beliefs of wealthy and successful people. Get Anthony Robbin's free succeed in life audio CDs here.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Anthony Robbin's 7 traits|chraracteristics of very successful people

Anthony Robbins seminar
anthony robbins success seminars image

What personalities, traits and characteristics do very highly successful people have in common?

Do you know what Donald Trump and Bill Gates have in common that make them so rich and successful? How do these personalities attract and manage wealth? Why John F Kennedy and Mahatma Ghandi can move masses and affect people with such deep and emotional way? In his best seller book 'Unlimited Power', Anthony Robbins, the world famous success and wealth creation coach that all these highly successful people have been able to get themselves to consistently take effective actions toward the accomplishment of their goals and dreams.

Note the words effective actions and differ it from merely taking actions. By just taking action is not sufficient to be successful but consistent effective action will. However, what is it that gets them to continue day after day to put everything they have got into everything they do?

Tony Robbins believe that there are 7 fundamental traits and characteristics these very successful personalities have in common to give them the fire to do whatever it takes to succeed. Anthony believes that these seven success triggering mechanisms will ensure your success as well when you internalized them into your mindset and personality.

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The Seven Common Traits and Characteristics Of Highly Successful People

  • Passion – All very successful and wealthy people have found a reason, a very compelling consuming and almost obsessive purpose that strive them to do, grow and more. Their almost blinding passion gives them the fuel that powers their success train and causes them to tap their full potential. There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it is the aspiration of an athlete, a scientist, an artist or a businessman to be a millionaire.

  • Belief – People who succeed on a major scale differ greatly from those who fail in the belief system. Our belief in what we are and what we can be will precisely determine what we will be. If we believe that our life is defined by narrow limits then our lives will be full of limitations that bind our ability to achieve greatness and success. What we believe to be true and to be possible will become true and possible. If you believe that you can attract wealth, you will.

  • Strategy – A strategy is a way of organizing recourses and to use those resources in the most effective way. Planning is an ingredient to develop hugely successful financial strategies. If you fail to plan, you have just planned to fail. So if you want to attract wealth, you must have a effective strategy to create wealth and manage wealth.

  • Clarity of Values – Values are specific belief system. They are judgments we make about what is right or wrong in our lives. Many people do not have clear idea of what is important to them. Think of all the highly successful people like Martin Luther King, Jane Fonda, Ronald Reagan, and John F Kennedy. They all have different visions but what they have in common is a fundamental moral grounding, a sense of who they are and why they are doing what they do.

  • Energy – Successful and rich people take opportunities and work on them. This calls for a vast amount of energy.

  • Bonding Power – Nearly all very successful and wealthy people have in common an extraordinary ability to bond with other people, the ability to connect with and develop rapport with people from various backgrounds and beliefs.

  • Mastery of communication – The way we communicate with others and ourselves ultimately determine the quality of our lives. People who succeed are those who take any challenge that life throws at them and communicate that experience to themselves in a way that causes them to successfully change things.

    There, now you know what traits and chracteristics the wealthy and highly successful people have in common, will you be one of them? If you are not, what is your strategy become one of them?

    Anthony Robbins have written many great books on personal development, wealth creation and wealth attraction. He travels around the world giving seminars and holding symposiums and is a much sought after success coach. Even Kings and Presidents of nations sought his counsel. Read more about Anthony Robbins coaching workshops and seminars here.

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Money making myth-Work hard to be rich|wealthy

Jamie success coach
wealth managers image

Must I work hard to be rich? Free create wealth managers ebook.

"One of the most common myths about getting rich or achieving financial success is that working hard is the key to creating wealth," said Jamie McIntyre. Jamie is a very much sought after success coach and has traveled all over the world meeting and learning from some of the best teachers on this planet including the great "Unleash The Power Within" Anthony Robbins, "Cashflow" Kiyosaki and General Norman Schwarzkopf.

He then went on to say " Working hard, making money and creating wealth have nothing in common, I repeat, nothing to do with each other in the 21 st century."
Click here to get Jamie's free ebook "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had". A very powerful but controversial statement indeed. Read on and see his wealth management explanation.

Why working hard is not the best way creating wealth

He uses his dad, a farmer as an example. Jamie's dad started off with nothing but is worth millions of dollars today. He is like most framers, believes that hard work is the key to successful wealth creation and that is how he became a millionaire.

Jamie explained to his dad that hard work did not guarantee or actually play a major role of his dad becoming a millionaire. His dad is a millionaire today because of the appreciation of value on his farm land asset. The farm is now worth more that a million dollars when his father bought it many years ago at $50,000 bucks. Despite the fact that his dad worked hard on the farm for decades, this did not make him wealthy. Farm incomes have actually dropped and he would never save a million dollars from his farm income in several lifetimes.

His wealth was created by buying land at a low price and the increasing value of the land over a period of time. Sound's like Robert Kiyosaki</em>'s cashflow book, doesn't it?

His wealth was created even when he was sleeping and almost without any effort on his part. There was not any wealth management done. It is correct to say that good work ethic and some hard work in the beginning helped but the most important element was the investment of his money and letting his money work for him. That investment was his wealth managers.

Then Jamie went on to use his mom as another example. His mom had always wanted to open a coffee shop. She did not realise that after many years after she bought that shop, she was offered to buy the entire building in which the coffee shop was located. However she did not buy it because she had already borrowed $100,000 for the business and did not want to borrow anymore money.

She worked hard for many years, often not paying herself a salary(another big fat mistake in creating wealth and wealth management. Always pay yourself first). She often struggled to pay the shop's rental by working hard for very little returns.

  • Wealth manager's cashflow advise

    If she had consulted wealth managers and advisors back then and borrowed another $100,000 for the building, she could have:-

    a) Charged her own business a higher rent since the money still comes back to her. Even if her business only managed to pay the rent, it could be used to return the borrowed money. An important aspect of managing wealth cashflow is wealth creation and reduce debt.

    b) The building would appreciate in value over time making her money work for her without working and plus her charging a higher rental, it automatically makes the building worth more. Again, wealth is managed and created automatically.

    c) She can the sell her coffee business and kept the building, profiting from the sale of her business and then have the new owners pay her rentals for the shop. Now she need not work to have a steady and multiple income.

    d) If she still wants to work, she could work part time for the new owner and then picking up another income stream. With so many streams of passive income now, his mum could be rich without working hard. That is how the rich create and manage their wealth.

    Read more about why working hard is not the way to
    financial freedom and how to create and manage wealth with Jamie's free ebook. Get Wallace Wattles' free ebook "The Science of getting rich here".

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Getting rich wealthy science-Free ebook

Free get rich ebook
Getting Rich Science image

Free get rich ebook - The science of getting rich

Getting rich and wealthy does not mean just to get rich merely by having and earning alot of money. It also means getting a rich and fulfilling life too. However, having a rich and fufilling life without money may be difficult for most people. This is why I am giving away Wallace Wattle's The Science Of Getting Rich free attract wealth ebook.

So can you get rich and attract wealth and money? Well, many personal development gurus think so. I am sure you have heard of Napolean Hill, the famous author of "Think and Grow Rich" or international personal development coach Anthony Robbins (which I will talk about in the next blog entry), author of "Unleash the Power Within". They all teach how to attract wealth and achieving financial freedom.

Both these gurus emphasise that getting rich, attracting and creating wealth is a mindset. Think and act like a millionaire, have a millionaire mindset and you can become a millionaire. Think like a pauper and you will become a pauper because you are rejecting riches that nature wants to bestow on your. You can become rich and attract wealth naturally if you if(window.yzq_p==null)document.write(""); if(window.yzq_p)yzq_p('P=VrmQ0NhtfYJ21k21D5H88AM0RTm3NEauMuIACszi&T=13uknbukc%2fX%3d1185821411%2fE%3d96062901%2fR%3dyahoosrch%2fK%3d5%2fV%3d1.1%2fW%3dJ%2fY%3dYAHOO%2fF%3d1806451938%2fS%3d1%2fJ%3d0E7D6DD8'); if(window.yzq_s)yzq_s();